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Project S.C.

The company "PROJEKT" Banja Luka, was founded in 1951 in Banja Luka

Since it's inception, the company continuously builds business and professional reputation on the principles of transparency in work and loyal market competition, with respect to all participants in the economic and social life.

In the process of ownership transformation, the state capital of the company was privatized, and the company was registered in the court register on October 23, 2001 as a capital company - a joint-stock company.

The property transformation resulted in the complete renovation of equipment, space, revitalization of personnel and strong penetration into the market with the emphasis on continuous successful business.

Today "PROJECT" s.c. owns 570 m2, quality, according to the principles of European office norms, equipped business space, state-of-the-art computer-IT support, licensed software packages and other related content located in a modern office interior.


The vision of the PROJECT is to be a modern, innovative and efficient consulting organization, recognized by the individual and the society as the initiator of new ideas, creator and facilitator of the application of state-of-the-art scientific and professional achievements in the field of spatial and urban planning, development of project and technical documentation for housing, public, industrial, communal and other infrastructure buildings of high-rise building and civil engineering, environmental protection and other engineering works dealing with the territory of the republics of the former Yugoslavia and wider in Europe and the world.

Business philosophy

Professional, human resources, organizational and technological development, motivated by serious and rational ambitions of management and employees, turns this object into segments or as a whole in a scientific-research institution. With continuous quality of work, quality of projects and quality in relations with all interested parties, possessing the certificates ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001: 2004, we realize our business philosophy with a high level of motivation.

"PROJECT", s.c. Banja Luka actively develops the policy of participation in the international and domestic market. Our intention is to get involved in the world trends within professional spheres of activity in view of the perfectly fulfilled conditions from the activities we deal with. One of the long-term goals of "PROJECT" on the domestic market is to participate in all public procurements within the registered activity.

The guarantee of success is the financial solvency and banking credibility of companies that can be guaranteed by their own resources at any moment.